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Very Brief Note for Newcomers

July 6, 2016

Translators and interpreters must be fluent in their languages of choice. People who make serious efforts to increase their translation and interpreting capacity will certainly excel at what they do.

From there, possibilities for translation jobs will be wide open. From online work to travel opportunities to complete translation work in many places around the world, the options are nearly limitless.

For new translators, it is a smart idea to begin with online work in order to gain experience and build a portfolio of accomplished projects. Consider no job too small to work on when first starting out as a translator. This will pay off in that, once proven, bigger jobs will come if the quality of the smaller jobs measures up and even surpasses expectations. Small jobs give experience from which translators can move on if bigger offers do not come in a timely fashion from a particular employer or client.

Translators are needed in so many aspects of life and industry. For example, medical translations of medical records, doctor instructions or even manuals to medical equipment are an important and vital part of the medical industry. Literary translations of writings make books available in many different languages around the world while technical writings need precise translations to ensure the target audience clearly understands the translation.

Start now. Be consistent. Specialize. Stand out. 🙂

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