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Knowledge Shared is Knowledge Multiplied

Out of a sincere intention to share what I know, learn, and experience, I am determined to organize casual, but definitely useful, sessions for my fellow translators and interpreters, both experienced and novice.

Since November 2016, I have been independently organizing 6 sharing sessions with different topics. I list them below in their English titles.

19 & 27 November 2016: Professional Translators: First Steps and Tips to Survive & Thrive

21 January 2017: Learning CAT Tools

13 May 2017: Sharing Experience and Tips in Interpreting

5 August 2017: Legal Translation: Tips & Tricks

30 September 2017: Learning Subtitling (and Celebrating the International Translation Day)

I will always try my best to continuously organize these events with the same original intention and in the spirit of sharing, being useful to fellow translators/interpreters, and contributing to the development of their professional career and the translation/interpreting industry in Indonesia, no matter how minor or insignificant they may be in the eyes of others.

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