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Advantages of HPI Certified Translators

May 4, 2018

The increasing demand for governmental as well as commercial needs sparks the requirements for translations into different languages with impeccable results. With the correspondingly increasing supply of translators primarily in the working languages of English and Indonesian, those translators must distinguish themselves to stand out among the crowd.

One of the intelligent ways of making such distinction is by managing to become a certified translator of, particularly in Indonesia, general and legal areas. A National Certification Test (abbreviated to TSN in Indonesian) is organized annually to eventually certify translators passing the test. The general guideline for the user/industry-oriented test is available at

What are the advantages of being certified translators? Here are some of them (taken from

Certified translators may gain peer recognition and they are deemed to be capable of independently practising their profession because in the test, they show their ability to translate according to the translation’s functional goal as provided in the translation brief. That is to say, clients will be facilitated to find professional translators with a high level of translation competence.

Another significant advantage is the clients’ full confidence of knowing that their business interests are properly taken care of without compromising the translation quality in any way.

When clients wish to not only have a gist of a document, Google Translate may not properly function to meet such need. In that light, certified translators come in and play their professional role in a higher level of sophistication.

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